Zifter Pollen Sifter & Collection Box

By: Zifter
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Sift your herbs and flowers in style with this elegant wooden Zifter box. Designed with two compartments, one for storage and one for collection, it has two drawers which pull out with ease and stay attached to the body via magnets. The upper drawer can be removed to put your favorite herbs in for storage- and sifting! In the center is a fine mesh screen to sift the finest particles. On the bottom, the drawer is coated with a mirrored surface for the ultimate non-porous and smooth plane to collect every last grain of pollen that sifted through the mesh.

Each of these Zifter boxes are made from laminated wood for high-durability and a natural look. The box is 8 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 3 inches tall.

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