Clear Resealable Apple Bags

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Apple Brand Bags brings you these zip-seal clear baggies for all your storage needs! These bags are 2.5 mil-thick and are crystal clear with no branding. Their tops zip closed and are resealable through even excessive use.

The small size of these bags are perfect for crafts, jewelry, and miniature-making. Though their uses are limitless, ideally you can make them fit your needs!

These zip seal bags are sold by the 100 count. Please enter 100, 200, 300, etc., as the quantity you add to your cart. Each 100-quantity order will receive their bags within a larger, branded bag which shows their size. As mentioned, every bag of the size you order is completely clear of any graphics or branding. Order 1,000 to receive 10 100-quantity bags.

Graphic Bags Also Available

If clear bags aren't expressive enough for your tastes, we at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff also carry Graphic Apple Bags! Just like these clear bags, they zip seal tightly shut but come in a variety of fancy graphics on one side. Although only available in 3 sizes, these bags are worth a look. Follow these links to head to their respective pages: