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In 1968, a year after the Summer of Love, we piled into a car and took a road trip to San Francisco. We were looking for a better way and Jimi and Janis were singing the theme music for our revolution. No one had ever seen anything like what we were experiencing, but we knew it was magic and that the world would never be the same.

Back home in Columbus, Ohio, people wanted to break out of the box and become part of the counterculture. In 1969, we opened up shop from behind the sofa in our one-bedroom apartment selling “stuff,” wholesale to other businesses. We had dreams to supply the entire country with pipes, posters, necklaces, incense and everything else people would need to chase their dreams. In 1972, we bought our largest customer, a waterbed shop, and Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff was born. Over time, we grew to have one of the industry’s largest wholesale departments and 13 retail locations dedicated to the people.

The very first Waterbeds N Stuff location on the Ohio State Campus. Waterbeds ‘N’ Stuff near OSU campus.

Waterbedsnstuff.com is the premier online smokeshop specializing in smoking pipes, vaporizers, novelties and adult products. Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff online smoke shop sells glass pipes, vaporizers, vape pens, waterpipes, bubblers, dab rigs, percolators, recyclers, helix, silicone pipes, papers, chillums, grinders, smell-proof containers, scales, lighters, detox, synthetic urine, adult products and many other novelties and fun stuff.

As Stuff 4 U, we are one of the largest national wholesale distributors of smoke, vape, novelties, and adult products. We strive to provide our customers with great products at reasonable prices and have them shipped safely and discreetly. The company also sells all types of beds, mattresses, futons and a wide variety of furniture online at Bedsnstuff.com.

Waterbeds ’n’ Stuff is an institution of smokeshop culture in America. We have 13 retail locations throughout the Midwest where we sell smoke, vape, novelties and adult products, as well as beds and bedroom furniture. Waterbeds ’n’ Stuff has proudly served its customers since 1972. For the last 45 years, we have built a reputation for trust and worked hard to satisfy our customers. We are proud to have been an integral part of developing and fostering the counterculture. Thank you for visiting waterbedsnstuff.com.