Power Hitters

Power Hitter. The name alone brings to mind feelings of strength and quality, as though it will take you out of this world!

Otherwise known as Master Blasters or Smoke Bottles, Power Hitters offer many advantages for smoking rolled cigarettes and joints:

  1. The bottle contains smoke, meaning less is wasted between hits. Without a Power Hitter, smoke literally wastes away into the air when you could be enjoying it!
  2. Power Hitters can be enjoyed without putting your lips on it, making them a sanitary and sterile option for sharing at parties and with friends!
  3. Take it outside! Power Hitters keep your rolled smoke contained and safe from the elements. Enjoy your smokes in rain, sleet or shine. Also happily know all of your ashes will be contained safely within the bottle instead of falling to the ground and haphazardly starting fires.

Power Hitters are essentially a bottle with a carb on its side paired with a mouthpiece that can hold a rolled smoke. Simply roll your best smoke, insert it into the mouthpiece and put that back on the bottle, then with a simple squeeze you can enjoy a direct stream of smoke to inhale!

Power Hitters provide the most efficient way to enjoy rolled smokes of any shape, size, or herb. Experience one today- for you and your friends!