Bongs have been used to smoke herbs and tobacco for hundreds of years and remains one of the most popular ways today.

Bongs, also known as Water Pipes,can be made out of many materials such as glass, silicone, ceramic, and acrylic, each with their own unique appeal and strengths. For instance, glass bongs offer their sleek, crystalline appearance, while Silicone Bongs are virtually unbreakable and able to bend, making them perfect for travel.

Percolators are another point smokers consider when looking for their next piece. Percolators, or percs, help filter and cool smoke, intensifying its flavor and helping make big rips easy. Some examples of percs found in our bongs include Honeycomb Percs, which bubble water through dozens of small holes; Showerhead Percs, a basic slitted diffuser often found at the end of fixed downstems; and Tree Percs, which split smoke through multi-armed "trees" for efficient diffusing. Find one that interests you, or find a new bong for sale with your favorite style of perc!

Finally, there is color. From clean & clear water pipes, to some with colored accents, and even more with graphic prints, browse our selection to find the perfect piece to match your collection or your personal style.

Bongs and Water Pipes are also fine ways of smoking dabs, concentrates and waxes if you have a banger for the piece, but we also have a dedicated selection of Dab Rigs for the best dabbing experience.

So take your time, and browse our bongs for sale to find your next favorite piece. We carry bongs from all the top blowers from around the world, including Grav, Dopezilla, Diamond Glass, and many more. If you need accessories for your bongs, such as a new bowl or a replacement downstem, we carry those too. And don't forget a grinder for the perfect, fresh herbal grind!