Shop our wide variety of glass diffusing downstems for your favorite water pipes.

Downstems are a traditional way for water pipes, bongs, and rigs to diffuse and percolate smoke through water to offer smooth hits. Bongs most commonly have a 19mm joint and use a 19mm to 14mm downstem, which results in a low-profile 14mm joint for your favorite accessories.

We carry diffusing downstems ranging in size from 3" to 6" and beyond, with every joint size available to suit your needs.

When shopping for a downstem, the key is to get one that will extend deep into the bong's water chamber without touching the bottom. Too short and the percolation will not be strong (although you might prefer that!), too long and you risk damaging your pipe.

We try to include downstem lengths on all of our bong and rig product pages. So, if you bought your piece from us, check out its product page for the correct info, or feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have!

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