Shredding by hand is fine and all, but when you want a tool to get the job done, grinders are what you need.

At its most basic, a grinder is just what it sounds like: it's like a can that can be opened to reveal its teeth. Just press your bud into one set of teeth, press the other part on, and twist to grind weed and flower into the perfect consistency.

Why use a grinder? When shredding buds with your fingers, oils, pollen, and other material you'd rather have in your herbs will stick to your fingers. Grinders are non-stick and can keep all of the potent plant matter contained in your herb for you to enjoy!

Weed grinders come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, we define the size and use of a grinder by its number of parts.

  • The most common grinder size is 4-part: A top piece with teeth, a middle piece with teeth and holes for material to fall through, another chamber which acts as storage and has a screen at the bottom for pollen to fall through, and a lower piece where the fine pollen, or kief, is contained. The 4-part grinder is the best for all occasions since it lets you collect kief separately to use however you want.
  • If you're looking for a simple grinder that's just as useful, look for a 3-part grinder. Unlike 4-part grinders these don't have a kief screen, but this saves some space and makes 3-part grinders more portable and still with the stash area.
  • For ultimate portability, grab a 2-part grinder. These are super slim and don't offer a stash area, but since the flower doesn't fall into another chamber it means you can grind to any consistency you want. 

Aluminum non-stick grinders have been the standard for many years. Acrylic grinders are fine in a pinch, but you can't beat the reliability of a solid metal grinder.

Electric grinders are the new grinders rising to fame lately. Although there are high-end grinders, such as the Otto, the best grinders are from Wakit. Our internal product reviewers all agree: the Wakit is the best grinder for herbs. They consistently make the perfect grind for cones, joints and blunts, and they're very easy to use: just place it over your herbs and press the button. Check out a Wakit grinder to see if it suits your style.

Our most popular grinder brand is American Grinders. They've been in business for over 50 years producing high-quality aluminum grinders in all shapes and sizes right here in America. Their grinding sizes span from a diameter of 40mm (about 1.25") to a whopping 89mm (about 3.5")! Even better, most American Grinder grinders come in every color imaginable. Check out American Grinder for low-cost, long-life grinders in every size, shape, and color you need.

Grinders come in all sizes, types, and brands. Herb grinders take the hassle out of grinding up your herbs. Herb Grinders are great tools for herb enthusiasts. We carry an assortment of grinder types, brands, styles and materials. From high end grinders to basic get the job done grinders we have you covered.