Kief Koin

By: Headway

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Are you ready to increase your kief yield per session by over 50%?

Introducing the Kief Koin, a beautiful, modern production of a classic tool.

Simply place this food-grade zinc coin in the central chamber of your 4-piece grinder, on top of the screen, and it will help further break down the marijuana buds and separate out the finder, more potent particles. The added weight on top of the screen will force every last bit into the bottom chamber for collection.

When you're ready to collect, the Kief Coin doubles as a high-end scoop.

In the past, people have used everyday coins to act as their Kief Coins. Get the more sanitary choice: a pack of 2 premium Kief Koins made from food-grade zinc, and enjoy more than 50% more kief from every session!