The Otto: Smart, Automatic Grinder

By: Banana Bros

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Never mess with sticky fingers, uneven consistency, and air pockets in your cones. The Otto will soon be your go-to tool for milling down any flower, herb, or spice! Whether in the kitchen or in the living room, Otto has a place as a fully automatic, A.I. controlled, smart-sensing grinder. Simply open Otto's top and place your material inside the grinders, close and attach to the O Tube base or use the included O Funnel, and tap the front button to let the machine do its job for you, keeping your hands clean and free. The included O Tube perfectly holds any rolled cone, and the Otto dispenses directly in to fill it. Simply pop it up with the side sliders and pinch it off for your perfect cone!

Milling, Not Grinding

The Otto mills its material instead of grinding. This results in a consistent size and texture from the material without crushing it or creating powder. This results in a smoother aroma or taste.

A.I. Smart Milling Machine

The Otto is powered by (aside from electricity) its patented SMART Milling Technology, which senses the material as it grinds and reacts accordingly, adjusting speed, direction, and pressure to ensure the perfect size and texture every time.

Loaded with Accessories

Otto comes with anything and everything necessary to enjoy it to its fullest extent. Aside from the Otto machine itself, included with the package are:

  • The O Tube sachet and paper cone holder
  • Adapter base for holding shorter sachets or paper cones
  • O Funnel for easily dispensing into other receptacles
  • 4-in-1 Tool to brush, open, tamp, and extract
  • Fresh Seal Tube to store your best blended cones in
  • Snap Cap to ensure nothing spills from the Otto while it rests
  • USB charging cable
  • 20 premium sample cones
  • Measuring Cup for first time users

All in all the Otto can grind and mill any material down to the perfectly enjoyable consistency necessary for the best experience. Add this machine to your tool chest today and experience the best that only Otto can bring.

Easy to Clean

Everything will eventually get dirty, but with Otto cleaning is a snap. With the included 4-in-1 cleaning tool most messes that plague the grinder's teeth are easy to pick out and brush away, but when it's time to give it a thorough clean, the top and bottom grinders inside of Otto simply pop out, being held in with magnets. Simply take them out, give them their necessary cleaning, and place them back inside. Done and done! Back to milling!

Directions for Use

  1. Once Otto is charged up and ready to go, operation is very simple:
  2. Turn Otto on by holding the power button for 2 seconds. You'll know it's on when the light illuminates.
  3. Insert a sachel or paper cone into the O Tube. The tube is built to accommodate King sized cones, but simply use the included adapter base for shorter cones.
    1. Ensure the cone is flat and level with the top of the O Tube.
  4. Open Otto's SMART Grinder by pressing the top portion of the latch on its side.
  5. Fill the provided measuring cup with material, if necessary, then place evenly over lower grinder.
    1. Avoid overfilling the SMART Grinder! If your satchel or cone needs more, you can always run the grinder a second time.
  6. Attach Otto magnetically to the top of the O Tube.
  7. Press the power button to begin! Otto will mill your material to a perfect consistency.
    1. While Otto is running, tap the device and tube on a table top or flat surface to sufficiently pack your material.
  8. Lift Otto off of the O Tube and remove the cone. Give the cone a good shake, like it was a sugar packet, to ensure a tight pack.
  9. Finally, simply twist the top to close.