Flying Pig 64mm 4 Part Aluminum Grinder

By: Flying Pig Glass

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  • 64mm (2.5") aluminum herb grinder. 
  • 4-Piece aluminum grinder with kief screen. 
  • Large holes for a coarse grind. 
  • Available in many cool anodized colors; no dyes or paints! 

Looking for a good grinder in 2023? Get your year started off right with a Flying Pig 64mm 4 Part Aluminum Grinders!

That's right: Flying Pig Glass, one of the hottest new brands in glass water pipes, has come out with their own line of premium aluminum grinders! These 64mm grinders have 4 parts so they can grind, stash, and catch fine kief. The kief chamber even has rounded edges which makes reclaiming and reusing the potent pollen easier than ever.

The grinding chamber on these aluminum grinders has 3 rows of teeth and large holes to provide a fast, coarse grind ideal for your favorite portable vaporizers and your favorite Flying Pig Glass bong.

Choose from an assortment of colors to match your style. Each color is anodized aluminum, meaning there is no paint or other dyes which could flake off. Be sure to regularly clean your grinder and it will be naturally non-stick for many years to come!

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