Wax Melts & Oils

Wax melts are a type of fragrance product that can be used in a variety of ways. Wax melts are made from wax, usually paraffin or soy, that is infused with essential oils or fragrance oils. Wax melts come in different shapes and sizes, such as cubes, hearts, stars, and more. Wax melts can be melted in a wax warmer, which is an electric device that heats the wax without burning it. Wax melts can also be used in other creative ways, such as:

  • DIY candles: You can make your own candles by melting wax melts and pouring them into a container with a wick.
  • DIY air fresheners: You can make your own air fresheners by placing wax melts in a glass jar with holes in the lid and placing them in your car, closet, or bathroom.
  • DIY bath bombs: You can make your own bath bombs by mixing baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and wax melts. Then, mold them into balls and let them dry.

Wax melts have many benefits over traditional candles, such as:

  • Safer: Wax melts do not have a flame, so they are safer to use around kids and pets. They also do not produce soot or carbon dioxide, which can be harmful to your health and the environment.
  • Longer lasting: Wax melts last longer than candles because they do not evaporate. They release their scent slowly and consistently, providing hours of fragrance.
  • Cheaper: Wax melts are cheaper than candles because they use less wax and fragrance. They also allow you to mix and match different scents to create your own custom blends.

Wax melts are more than just a pleasant smell. They are a versatile and aromatic way to enhance your mood, purify your air, and create a cozy atmosphere. Browse our collection of premium quality wax melts made from natural ingredients and experience the benefits of this modern art today.