Pax Mini Platinum


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  • The most portable way to enjoy flower. 
  • 22 second heat time and 2+ hours of battery life. 
  • Simple one button operation. 
  • Magnetic lid for easy storage and portability. 

When it comes to smoking or medicating with flower, if you want something that is portable and easy to use, look no further than the Pax Mini.

Unlike other versions of the Pax, such as the Pax Plus, the Pax Mini has a simple one-button interface. That's one button to press to begin heating your flower, and that's all there is to it. No temperature settings to remember, no press-and-hold to vape. After about 20 seconds of heating your flower is ready to enjoy. The lights on the front will change from Purple, while heating, to Green when ready to enjoy.

The Pax Mini is only 93mm tall, which is just slightly larger than 3.5 inches. That makes the Pax Mini smaller than most hand pipes and even smaller than some one-hitters. This is the most portable dry herb pen on the market, and among the smallest in our collection.

With a .25 gram oven, the Pax Mini is a great personal medication device. And when your session is over, the small oven chamber and 3d screen are very easy to clean. Its magnetic lid lets you quickly load and unload flower while keeping its contents secure while in your pocket or purse.

Included accessories:

  • Flat & raised mouthpieces
  • Oven lid
  • 3D oven screens
  • Wire brush
  • Charging cable

The smallest PAX device yet, the Mini takes your flower sessions to the next level, anywhere you want to take it.

Capacity (grams):
.25 g
Use With:
Heat Time:
22 seconds
Run Time:
Up to 2.5 hours