Roast & Toast Cereal Bowl Pipe, Green

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Deep Bowl with Built-In Pipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it's said, so don't skimp out! This Roast & Toast Cereal Bowl will give you two heaping helpings for breakfast: with its deep bowl it can hold a good, hearty breakfast of cereal, oats, or anything else; and with its smaller herb bowl it can also hold a heaping helping of your favorite herbs, flowers, or natural blends to get your day started off right!

Tip to tail this cereal bowl pipe is around 7" long and will stand 3.5" from its base to the mouthpiece. Always start your day off right with the Roast & Toast Cereal Bowl!

2-in-1 Bowl and Pipe

Like Roast & Toast's other creations, this bowl doubles as a pipe. The body of the pipe is integrated with the bowl, so there are no protrusions other than the pipe's bowl and mouthpiece; the rest of the pipe is built into the body of the cereal bowl.

Available in Green

The Roast & Toast Cereal Bowl is available only in Green, Roast & Toast's favorite accessory color.