E-Nectar Collectors

Electric Nectar Collectors, or E-Nectar Collectors, are dab straws which are as powerful and portable as a vape pen and heat up with the touch of a button.

Slim, discreet, and fun to use, e-nectar collectors allow you to dab and vaporize your favorite waxes and concentrates wherever you go. Unlike traditional nectar collectors which require carrying around a torch to heat their tip, electric nectar collectors have a tip like an inverted concentrate vape dish, made with quartz coils at their very tip or fritted quartz to efficiently and quickly heat, vaporize, and allow you to enjoy your concentrates. Electric nectar collectors are the safest, most convenient and portable way to dab.

Prominent vaporizer producers like Randy's and Airistech produce these popular new products, with innovations, enhancements, and new companies producing more every day. Randy's has already developed a 2nd Gen tip for their Randy's Path E-Nectar Collectors!

No longer do you need a portable dab rig like the Puffco Peak or SOC; no longer will you have to be frustrated with the small dish capacity of a concentrate vape pen. Now you can enjoy dabs anytime, anywhere, with no limits thanks to a small, portable e-nectar collector.

Don't delay, get in on these awesome new products today!

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