14mm Male Terp Slurper Banger and Terp Pearl Set

By: SoCal Arch

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  • Everything you need to maximize your terps! 
  • 14mm male-jointed quartz Terp Slurp banger nail. 
  • Unique Terp Pearl accessories included. 

Everything you need to turn your rig into the ultimate terp temple, all in one product! This awesome Terp Slurper Set includes everything you need to enjoy your dab's terpenes.

This set includes a Terp Slurper Banger, one of the best bangers on the market for enjoying flavorful dabs. These bangers work by drawing your dabs into the center for maximum melting using only airflow, which plays into how the included terp pearls work.

A special banger requires special terp pearls. Unlike traditional Terp Pearls, which spin around a banger with a vortex carb cap to help melt dabs, this set acts like a dabbing steam engine: dabs and terpenes will spin in the center of the Terp Slurp Banger with the help of the terp "pill", and with enough pressure will lift the large terp pearl at the top and allow flavorful smoke to travel through to your rig.

Enjoy max flavor with this Terp Slurper Set!

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Terp Slurper
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Terp Pearls
Carb Cap
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