A Look at the Different Types of Color Changing Glass Pipes

A Look at the Different Types of Color Changing Glass Pipes

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Aug 01, 2018

When it comes to glass blowing, there have been so many advancements in the past few years that it can be hard to keep up. The available glass options have become so numerous that picking the right glass pipe may be confusing for somebody that doesn't know the differences. But luckily there is an easy place to start. Recently, the most popular types of glass pipes are those that change color when exposed to different types of light.

The most classic example of this is fuming, which is glass that has been blown with silver or gold. This is real silver or gold metal that can be used to create some very beautiful effects. Fumed glass can appear to have a bluish, pinkish, or yellowish tint. These colors will become more drastic after the pipe has been used a bit, due to the residue left behind from smoking. This technique is the oldest, but is still a favorite for many smoking enthusiasts.

The next most common form of color changing glass is UV reactive glass. This is glass that becomes iridescent when exposed to a black light. Smokers have a long history of love for anything that looks cool under a blacklight, and glass is no exception. The most common colors you will find in this type of glass are pink, blue, and green. This has a lot to do with the chemicals used to make this type of glass. Still there are many great options when looking at UV reactive glass. One of the most popular companies that has some great options for UV reactive glass is called Illuminati. They specialize in this type of glass and have a large variety of options. Some of their glass even has portions that appear to be completely clear, but really surprise and delight with beautiful colors when placed under a blacklight. They also have a wide range of heady glass options with UV reactive glass since many smokers now prefer to have some artistry with their purchase.

The most recent color changing glass development is CFL reactive glass. This is glass that can change its color entirely when exposed to CFL light as opposed to natural sunlight. CFL light is typically used for indoor lighting, so this means that you can have a piece that is bright pink outside and bright green inside. This provides the added benefit of making it feel like two completely different works of art. Many artists are fascinated with this type of glass as the color changes are very apparent and quite fun to watch, as it almost seems like magic happening before your eyes.

Color changing glass has become a staple in the smoking community as it captivates the user and pushes the boundaries of what was thought possible. As additional, color changing technologies are developed it will continue to expand the realm of possibilities for color changing glass. It opens up a whole new world of designs for glass blowers as they work with the ever growing multitude of options available. With the focus of many glass collectors shifting from function to aesthetics, it is likely that more options in color changing glass will become available as many companies continue to innovate.

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