Are Vibrators the Best Thing for Health and Pleasure?

Are Vibrators the Best Thing for Health and Pleasure?

Posted by Kel Long on Aug 15, 2018

Many of you may know that orgasms stimulate your “feel good” emotions by releasing oxytocin in the brain. Amazing right!? Not only does sex feel good, it can be good, for your health! Orgasmic sex can provide many health benefits, in fact, researchers have found that orgasms can produce up to a dozen of them! One of the biggest benefits from a great cum, is stress relief! And who doesn’t want to be less stressed in times like these? Reduced stress is only the beginning, good orgasms help you sleep better and wake easier (and probably an awful lot happier) too. We know it can be hard to get off during sex, and sometimes partners just aren’t as giving as we would like. But don’t trip! In this article, we’ll tell you all about some amazing toys to help you squeeze many orgasms into your busy weekly routine.

Relaxation - Orgasm - Rest: Some ROR is Good for Your Health

Because no one person is alike, achieving orgasms, especially for us, can be a challenge. Some take better to penetration and others feel most stimulated through “clitoris” play. To ensure that your desires and needs can be met (either way), we think the best way is to find a toy that works for you. Take it from me – vibrators and dildos can change your life, especially if you’re choosing them right. It’s important to find one that suits your personal needs, whether that be length, girth, vibrating functions, or a combination of all three. There is something for everyone!

You may think the search for toys are just looking up things that vibrate or are safely penetrable. Luckily for you, there are many unique styles and functions, because “one size fits all” is a myth. Vibrators are typically diversified by speeds, functions, lengths, and other awesome capabilities. Some even have wonderful clitoris stimulators or g-spot stimulators to hit those hard to reach places that your partner may sometimes neglect. One of my favorites, is the Rabbit Pearl Wall Banger. This bright pink gem is suctioned and waterproof, has a separate stimulator for the clitoris and the base has different speeds and directions in their vibrations! It can literally be used for any mood. Thrusting, deep massaging, and or all of it at once. It can help induce that sense of relaxation you look for after a long, stressful day.

More Science: Better Pleasure

Keeping your sexual appetite healthy will also boost your immune system; fighting sickness more effectively and it keeps the skin young! In other words, orgasms keep you healthy. If you and your partner enjoy the feel of real things, these Doc Johnson vibrators and dildos are extremely realistic “cocks” that come with or without vibrating functions, and nice pair of balls to match! You can pick how it operates: vibrations or no vibrations and also the colors you desire. Pink cocks, black cocks, brown cocks: discrimination isn’t a standing issue here! Although cumming can fix some of your health issues, not cumming can cause - that you’d be better off avoiding.

Fixing all the Upcuming Issues: “Sensationally

Not receiving your proper dose of “feel good” hormones will surely come with its own list of problems. It can lead to anxiety and mental restlessness, and it can also lessen your pain tolerance. Amazingly enough, it’s ability to remove pain doesn’t affect its ability to feel good sensations, and those are the kinds of feelings we all need. The best kind, of course. If embracing “feel good” sensations are for you, “Sensation in Stereo” might be your best choice! This modern, sleek, vibrator is a chic vibe, with tons of different features. The best part!? Its travel sized! So for all of you busy, business women, coming and going can be a lot easier and a lot more satisfying.

Our adult products collection can help you improve your sex life, health, and even your relationship. Explore your body and desires to discover ways to live a happier, more orgasmic life! Visit or come to one of our 13 retail locations throughout Columbus and Central Ohio for the best selection of vibrators, dildos, and other adult products. 

True or False Game:

Orgasms are the cure for headaches! T or F

True! Orgasms are good for curing headaches! So grab your partner, your toy, or even both and work out the stress!

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