Everything You Need to Know About Nectar Collectors

Everything You Need to Know About Nectar Collectors

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Dec 05, 2018

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to smoke concentrates on the go? Well if you ask almost any smoke shop manager or connoisseur, most likely one of their good suggestions will be a nectar collector for a simple inexpensive solution. Yet, many people still have not discovered this easy to use vaporization utensil that has quickly become essential to many avid enthusiasts. This guide will go over everything you need to know about nectar collectors and discuss the most important considerations when purchasing a new one.

The basic idea of a nectar collector, is a glass straw-like device which can be heated on the end and used to vaporize the concentrates of your choice and slurp up vapors. First you heat the tip to your preferred temperature, next place your mouth on the opposite end while inhaling and touching the heated tip against the edge of your concentrates. That is the basic idea of a nectar collector, however there are many variations of this simple utensil and choosing the right one for yourself is an important initial step to having the best experience possible. 

The first and sometimes the most important consideration for many people looking for a nectar collector is price range. This will often determine the quality and complexity of the device in use when it comes to operating the collector. Also, in many cases a lower priced nectar collector is smaller and more simple which can make it easier to conceal. Most cheap nectar collectors are essentially a glass tube with one tapered end (this is the specific style that is also called a nectar straw). 

Nectar Collectors

A cheap nectar straw is ideal for people who wish to be discreet with their consumption, and those who are looking for something as straightforward as possible. The downsides to the smaller, simpler, and cheaper nectar collectors can be a quite a few things depending on your preferences. Firstly, the shorter the nectar collector the hotter your hits will be and the more reclaim you could potentially be inhaling. Hot, oil-filled hits are can be more difficult on your lungs and respiratory system. Secondly, a cheap purchase means cheap glass which might not last long when being rapidly heated and cooled repeatedly. These two downsides might make you want to get something a little higher quality and luckily there are multiple options for those seeking a better nectar collector experience.

The Honey Dabber is a product that is not only concealable and easy to use, but also durable due to the high-quality materials used to construct it. The handle is made of wood and the heat-able tip comes in both quartz and titanium, both of which are durable. The preference of quartz versus titanium is a matter of taste and the individual benefits of each were discussed in a previous article about different types of nails. The Honey Dabber provides this increased quality while still being very low profile and discrete. However, there is still something to be said about the risks of inhaling so closely to the hot nail and the potential for inhaling some of the concentrate itself.

Honey Dabber Nectar CollectorHoney Dabber Nectar Collector

If you are looking for a safer and more enjoyable nectar collector experience, you may want to consider one with water filtration. These options are obviously going to be much less discrete than the ones mentioned before. But as mentioned the water filtration provides many benefits and some may even use advance filtration such as percolators or recyclers. The water makes them smoother than the nectar straws or the Honey Dabbers and greatly reduces the chance of inhaling any excess concentrates in the process of vaporization.

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The most common nectar collector with water filtration typically comes in three pieces. The mouthpiece is attached to the water filter which is connected to a nail which can be made of ceramic, titanium, or quartz. The percolator or recycler acts like any you would find on a water pipe, so if you like water filtration in your pieces this might be the nectar collector you appreciate the most.

The final type of nectar collector we will discuss, which is becoming increasingly more common, is an electric nectar collector. Electronic or e-nectar collectors are easy to use and sometimes have a water filtration aspect. They are used in a similar fashion to a standard nectar collector except the tip is self heating and in some cases you can find more options for percolators. Other than that, the real bonus is that you may have more control over the vaporization temperatures of your concentrates with an electronic nectar collector.

One very important final warning I would like to highlight is that you must consider the surface on which you put your concentrates to vape them with the blazing hot nail. You should think about what will happen to that surface when heated. Excess heat will radiate from the nail and can affect the surface your concentrates are sitting on, so be sure it is nothing easily flammable, something that will melt when exposed to heat, and finally make sure it hasn't been treated with harmful chemicals. These reasons cause many people to use, only small glass dishes, however, some people also do it right out of their silicone container or slick. In the end it is up to you, and preference will vary from person to person.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about nectar collectors and make a more informed decision finding the perfect match for you. At Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff we have the best prices on a huge selection of nectar collectors and other devices, like concentrate vape pens for vaping on the go. So visit waterbedsnstuff.com or come to one of our 13 retail locations throughout Central Ohio and let us help you find the best vaporization products for your needs.

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