Cupid Mini Urine Kit by Sexxi Showers

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Cupid Mini is the most effective female synthetic urine delivery device on the market because it is the only one designed SPECIFICALLY FOR WOMEN. Cupid provides an easy solution for women to conceal and deliver fake urine in a real lifelike urine-stream that will satisfy the most demanding onlooker or partner. CUPID stands for Clean Urine Personal Insert Device and it is the only product with the ability to discreetly insert the fake urine. Cupid will even pass visual inspection test as a tampon and will never cause problems and kill the mood.   Cupid has taken into consideration women's lifestyles and anatomy to address their special challenges for concealing and delivering fake urine. Enjoy the convenience of easy one-handed operation and deliver clean urine at your natural body temperature. Kit Includes

  • 1 Cupid Device
  • 3pk of flow restrictors
  • 10cc filler syringe

Synthetic Urine Sold Separately

Choose from the most effective synthetic urine on the market and combine with Cupid to complete the experience. Consider purchasing our Cupid Mini Urine Kit Quick Fix Bundle and SAVE $13.99   For adult fetish purposes only.


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