Cupid Mini and the Best Fake Pee for Women

Cupid Mini and the Best Fake Pee for Women

Posted by Mary Needa on Aug 13, 2018

So I’m sure you have had a situation where you needed pee and needed it immediately. A lot of women love being peed on and many like peeing. For some people it’s pure fetish or fantasy and they love to urinate on others. For other people it’s almost a standard or test from their partner. Either way all women want to be able to pee good and clean when the time is right

If you’re anything like me and my friends, you are in a situation where you have to be able to pee at a moment's notice. You know he wants you to pee warm and clean and naturally. It wouldn’t be sexy any other way. In that situation, you know that he has probably put many women through this test before and you want to pass the test.

I‘ve had to pee for the man before and there have been times when I just couldn’t do it. Nothing kills the mood like that. There have also been times when it just wasn’t clean. Like imagine you ate asparagus or consumed any toxin recently - that’s not a good look. You wouldn’t want to pee like that at all.

If you are a woman and you want to be able to pee good and clean at any time, the best option is to use syntheic urine. But you will also need a good natural delivery method. For men there are many good products for delivering a good lifelike streem on fake pee. But for women there is only one truly great option on the market right now and that is the Cupid Mini by Sexi Showers. This thing is perfect! It is 100% natural look and delivery. No one would ever suspect it isn’t your own pee. Now that’s sexy!

So this is how it works. When you buy the Cupid, you also need to buy some top notch synthetic urine to put in the Cupid. These are sometimes sold together in a Cupid Mini package for a discount . After all, for the true experience the pee has to be the best. My favorite is definitely Quick Fix Plus, but I guess other brands work too. Cupid Mini comes with a little container, syringe, two caps and a little tampon looking piece. 

Now lets talk about how to use the Cupid Mini. Once you open it, you should fill the syringe with your favorite synthetic urine. Then take the caps off of the pink bladder and use the syringe to fill the bladder with the fake pee. Put the caps back on on the filled bladder and go. The caps look just like a tampon so it conceals everything perfectly. If you want the pee to be warmer and closer to real body temperature, then you want to put the bladder inside of a sanitary condom and insert it inside of you. Then you are ready to go and you can deliver a healthy clean stream of urine at any time. Just remove the cap and let it flow. Your partner will really appreciate the real experience.

At Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff we have the best price on the Cupid Mini and a great selection of synthetic urine. You can purchase this online or chat with us live at or come to one of our 13 retail locations throughout Central Ohio. So be confident and let it flow. We got you covered!

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