Dab Box Crest Triple Titanium Quartz Coil

By: Snow Cloudz

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Triple Titanium-Wrapped Quartz Coil

This piece is so powerful it had to be sold separately from the Dab Box Crest.

The Crest may be a 3-pack of upgraded coils, but if you're set to try out a brand new vaping experience, this is the attachment to get! This first-party coil is built from a stainless-steel body and features not one, not two, but three titanium-coiled Quartz heating elements. Simply screw it into place where your old one used to be and get back to vaping!

Snow Cloudz is named for a reason: this coil will heat your concentrate almost instantaneously and provide you with big hits, big flavor, and even bigger clouds! If cloud chasing is the name of your game, grab this coil for your Dab Box today. And if you don't have one yet, experience the powerful, portable perfection of the Dab Box, the first temperature controlled ceramic box mod for wax.