Diamond Glass Double Recycler

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Diamond Glass Double Recycler in a Brilliant Blue Glass

This recycler is a true power player! Its strong colors are sure to make it stand out from your collection, with a vibrant and brilliantly bright green glass surrounding its body and accented by sharp black necks and base. Standing 8.5" tall, this waterpipe is set to be a sure winner in your collection. It features a straight 14mm female joint, poised to accept the included 14mm male bowl; a drop-down showerhead perc, and 2.5 chambers to recycle water.

Wait, 2.5 chambers? That's right! Water feeds up from the bottom chamber into the green top area which is inset from the outer clear wall. It has small holes near its top to drain water out, so the water cascades down the sides of the upper chamber before falling back to the bottom to be recycled.

With its included 14mm GOG male bowl, thick and sturdy base, and bent neck, this pipe is set to be a centerpiece in any collection.