Ever Tech Fancy Torch Lighter

By: Ever Tech

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  • 5.25" Tall
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Refillable
  • 6-Piece Display Available

Forget those conventional torches! Set yourself apart with these Fancy Torch Lighters! With a Retro-Futuristic style and many interesting shapes, these torches will help you be unique from the rest!

The handle is a comfortable rubber for easy grip, and up at the top are many controls for the torch: The lock is on the left side as a simple slider that clicks into place; the trigger is the bump at the top which blends in with the rest of the design so well it's easy to miss; on the right side is a flame adjustment dial which clicks between various strengths, so you can find and maintain your preference.

Each of these fancy torches can stand upright on their own, and at the bottom is a fuel injection port to fill with more butane, though every torch comes prefilled and ready to use.

These Fancy Torch Lighters are available in assorted colors. The pictures above do not reflect our current selection. Each order will receive a random color.

6-Piece Display Available

Receive a FREE display, as pictured above, when you purchase 6 of these torches! Ideal for any storefront or counter, each display comes with a metallic frame which holds the six included torches comfortably within foam and also includes a metallic backer to complete the look. Perfect for our wholesale customers looking for a cool new torch, but also always an option for anyone who needs a lot of torches! Just add 6 of these torches to your cart and we will ship them all packaged within their display box.