Extra Large Filter Bowl and Chamber Glow Ring Metal Pipe

By: Pat's Pipes

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Limited Supply King-Sized Pipe

You'll be exclaiming "YUGE" when you pack this bowl up and show it to your friends! It is massive, and is actually assembled with the same parts as the extra large chamber is so... smoke hack: take the center part of the chamber out and put it on top of the bowl for an "EXTRA YUGE" bowl!

This pipe is constructed from a nickel body featuring a deep bowl with a filter piece and a chambered stem, expanded for smoke to circulate easily within, culminating in a rounded mouthpiece.

Scattered around this pipe are glow-in-the-dark o-rings for accent, allowing it to glow and shine under a black light.

Limited Part Piece

This pipe features a brass filter at the bottom of its bowl; this piece is in limited supply and once we run out, we can't make any more pipes that feature it! If you want this pipe, grab one now before they're gone! But when they do go, you can rest a little easy knowing we do have other, similar pipes... but you know it just won't be the same.