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Adjustable Ash-Ejecting Glass Blunt

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your flowers and herbs, one that can help both extend the burning time and enhance the flavor, then look no farther! Grav has been a leader in producing high-quality glass pieces large and small, and this Grav Glass Blunt is one of their fastest selling glass smoking products! Pairing innovative design with ease of use will make this Grav Glass Blunt your new go-to for smoking your favorite herbal blends.

This glass blunt features a two chamber design with a mouthpiece that slides through a larger glass chamber. This allows it to work like a plunger, able to be pulled back to load your materials and then plunged in to ash your blunt. The heat-shrunk silicone tubing that holds it in place also contributes to an easy clean-up: simply pull the mouthpiece all the way out and rinse both pieces!

The mouthpiece features a small indentation at the end which catches any ash on the inhale and prevents clogs. At the front of the mouthpiece is a small bubble where smoke can circulate for a moment and intensify flavors before being inhaled.

What are the advantages of a glass blunt? Besides the sleek, stylish look of smoking in glass, when used correctly the same amount of material will last twice as long in a glass blunt such as this as compared to a traditional wrap! Also, since it comes with an ash stopper you don't have to worry about breathing in nasty ash. Best of all, of course, is that a glass blunt is reusable! No more money spent on wraps and papers; instead, you have a clean, functional piece of art to use each smoking session!

The Grav Glass Blunt holds about .5 grams of dried herb. When you're ready to smoke, just pull the mouthpiece back, load it up, and light!

Are you wondering how to use a Grav Glass Blunt? Want to know what is a glass blunt? Check out the official Grav Glass Blunt video.

How To Use A Grav Glass Blunt

How do you use a glass blunt, especially one as unique as this? The trick is treating it just like a regular hand-rolled blunt. The Grav Glass Blunt works almost like an ejector bat, where one part acts as a plunger to push spent ash out of the opposite end. If you're curious how to use one of these blunts, here are some instructions.

  1. Pull the mouthpiece back, pulling the glass through the silicone cover to provide enough space on the opposite side for your material.
  2. Load the blunt in the wide end. Insert your material to fill the chamber.
  3. Light and enjoy!
  4. As you smoke you can press the mouthpiece back in to eject ash and leave your materials. Or, at the end of smoking, eject all the ash at once.

The ashing of this glass blunt makes it seem similar to ones with a twisty style design, but the Grav Glass Blunt is even easier to use. Quicker to fill and faster to ash, this glass blunt is sure to become your new favorite!

Available in Assorted Colors

Where can I get Grav glass blunts? Right here at the best smoke shop online! We have Grav Glass Blunts for sale in assorted colors in the printed logo. Such colors include Purple, Blue, Red, or, as pictured above, Green. Each order will receive one at random.

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