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  • New and Improved! A silicone grommet replaces the old heat-shrunk tubing. 
  • Reusable and healthy alternative to wraps and papers. 
  • Two-Piece design allows easy ashing. 
  • Holds approx. 1/2 gram of herbs. 
  • Available in assorted colors. 

GRAV's familiar favorite is back and better than ever. The new and improved GRAV Glass Blunt has a silicone grommet which will never lose its fit.

Load up, smoke, and ash quickly and effortlessly with a GRAV Glass Blunt. It can be collapsed for easy travel, and its borosilicate glass body makes it easy to clean and a healthy alternative to traditional blunt or cigarette smoking.

What are the advantages of a glass blunt? Besides the sleek, stylish look of smoking in glass, when used correctly the same amount of material will last twice as long in a glass blunt such as this as compared to a traditional wrap! Also, since it comes with an ash stopper you don't have to worry about breathing in nasty ash. Best of all, of course, is that a glass blunt is reusable! No more money spent on wraps and papers; instead, you have a clean, functional piece of art to use each smoking session!

The Grav Glass Blunt holds about .5 grams of dried herb. When you're ready to smoke, just pull the mouthpiece back, load it up, and light!

How To Use A Grav Glass Blunt

How do you use a glass blunt, especially one as unique as this? The trick is treating it just like a regular hand-rolled blunt. The Grav Glass Blunt works almost like an ejector bat, where one part acts as a plunger to push spent ash out of the opposite end. If you're curious how to use one of these blunts, here are some instructions.

  1. Pull the mouthpiece back, pulling the front glass through the silicone grommet to provide enough space for your material.
  2. Load the blunt in the wide end. Insert your material to fill the chamber.
  3. Light and enjoy!
  4. As you smoke you can press the mouthpiece back in to eject ash and leave your materials. Or, at the end of smoking, eject all the ash at once.

The ashing of this glass blunt makes it seem similar to ones with a twisty style design, but the Grav Glass Blunt is even easier to use. Quicker to fill and faster to ash, this glass blunt is sure to become your new favorite!

Available in Assorted Colors

Where can I get Grav glass blunts? Right here at the best smoke shop online! We have Grav Glass Blunts for sale in assorted colors in the printed logo. Such colors include Purple, Blue, Teal, Pink and Black. Each order will receive one at random.

The new and improved GRAV glass blunt solves the biggest issue folks had with one of our otherwise most popular pieces: we've replaced the heat shrink tubing that holds the two glass components together with a silicone grommet. The new connection will never lose its fit and makes the blunt much easier to take apart and clean. The function is the same intuitive blunt function you know and love. Pull the mouthpiece back to open up the main chamber, pack it with ground herb, smoke it like a blunt, and push the mouthpiece gently back in as you go to ash. A single glass pinch in the mouthpiece stem prevents herb from entering the mouthpiece.