GRAV Helix Flare Clear Waterpipe

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GRAV never stops developing new and interesting ways to get you blazed. They went back to the drawing board for their most recent Helix Water Pipe line and created honed in mouthpieces that sit atop perfectly balanced body pieces each with a unique design. The trusted performance of a Helix Mouthpiece along with the hefty flare base makes for a reliable, ultra-smooth, perfect hit. The Helix One-Hitter bowl is just the right amount for a single rip that tastes great from start to finish.


  • Helix Mouthpiece cools down hits with air injection and spinning action
  • Made with 60x5mm borosilicate glass
  • Accepts 14mm bowls
  • Total Height: 9"
  • Base width: 4"
  • Random Decal Color