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The GRAV Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler is a pocket-sized powerhouse.

Despite being only 4" tall, half the size of the full-sized Slush Cup, this pocket bubbler can still pack a punch. The fixed 2-hole diffusing downstem will fill the chamber with dense, milky clouds when you toke, preserving the flavor of your flower while cooling every hit.

It has a 10mm joint which drops smoke straight down to the bottom of the chamber.

The GRAV Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler packs all the power of the full-sized Slush Cup into this sweet mini edition.

The first time you light this baby up, you might be surprised by the heft of your hit. The perc is near the very bottom of the chamber, so smoke can pass through plenty of water for substantial cooling. The little chamber fills up with dense, milky clouds that preserve the flavor of your flower. Get a great toke without overloading your lungs.

And with the angled mouthpiece, you’d have to really try to get any splash back. (Even if you tried, you still might not be able to do it. Physics and whatnot.)

It was important to us that this pocket bubbler be more durable than its diminutive size implies. So we developed it with a thick mouthpiece and reinforced walls. It’s actually one of the densest pieces in our lineup.

And it’s adorable.


Comes with a GRAV 10mm Cup Bowl. Add a 10mm quartz banger (sold separately) to convert to a mini dab rig.

  • Tiny, discreet bubbler—awesome for travel
  • Made with a thick glass mouthpiece and reinforced walls
  • Comes with a 10mm Cup Bowl (Replacements available)

Available in Assorted Colors

GRAV Slush Cup Pocket Bubblers are available in an assortment of colors including Cobalt, Amber, Pink, Smoke, and Lake Green. Request a color using the Color option above, or leave it as Random and we will pick one for you.

Available colors are subject to change without notice. We cannot guarantee your requested color will be in stock.

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Product Line:
Slush Cup
Product Type:
Borosilicate Glass
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Joint Gender:
Joint Angle:
90 Degrees
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Collectible Box