Swiss Cheese Banger Hanger Mini Rig

By: Hillside Glass

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  • 6" tall glass mini banger hanger dab rig. 
  • Swiss Cheese-like holes for more cooling. 
  • 10mm banger hanger connection joint with inline perc. 
  • Includes 10mm quartz banger. 

Cool your dabs fast while getting maximum taste from this awesome Swiss Cheese Banger Hanger Mini Rig!

Coming in at a short 6 inches tall, this mini rig compresses the space inside by using tunnels to cut through its shape, making it look like swiss cheese full of holes! But the tunnels carved through this mini rig also help cool all the smoke that travels though by increasing surface area.

This mini banger hanger has an upright 10mm female joint similar to other mini rigs. Vapor will come in and percolate through an inline perc for simple, smooth percolation.

Add this unique banger hanger to your pipe collection today and experience great tasting vapor.

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Banger Hanger
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