Ohio Valley Glass Fumed Frit Spoon Pipe, Assorted

By: Ohio Valley Glass

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  • 3.5" Long
  • Fabulous Frit, Glass-Encased Design
  • Assorted Colors Available
  • Made in America

Made in Ohio, USA by Ohio Valley Glass blowers, these are Fumed Frit Spoon Pipes featuring a silver fumed body and Ohio Valley Glass's signature Honeycomb Frit design at the top.

These pipes are each made with silver fumed glass, colored marbles accenting the bowl, a carb on the left side, and the Honeycomb Frit design at the top.

Frit Glass is a design style where colors are put on the inside of a piece of glass, giving a piece the illusion that the colors and design are encased in a layer of clear glass. This pipe accomplishes this feat in the head of the pipe, which looks like a honeycomb volcano embedded in solid glass.

What's very cool about this design, and is a signature style of Ohio Valley Glass, is that the honeycomb design at the top looks like it glows with color throughout the frit glass, almost like it exudes an aura, a ghostly glow of fumed silver colored glass.

Thanks to its fumed glass, as you smoke and enjoy this pipe the entire length of it will get darker and transform from a clear golden to a darker, blueish silver.

Available in Assorted Styles

We carry these Fumed Frit Spoon Pipes in a variety of designs and accent colors. For example, we have some with three marbles on the right side; others with two on the right and one on the left; and others still with one marble on both side. On top of that, the marbles are available in all sorts of colors and combinations, including Blue, Black, Orange, Clear, and any mix of the two. Because of this assorted nature of these pipes, each order will receive one at random.

The marble accents are the only variable on these pipes. Each and every one is designed with the same body shape and complete silver fuming.

Made in America

Ohio Valley Glass is a local glass blower in Ohio, USA (near us!) and has a unique approach to designing and collaboration which results in great quality, uniform products.

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