Randy's 110mm Rolling Machine

By: Randy's

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Roll Like a King

Randy's 110mm Rolling Machines are fit for a king! King-sized papers, that is. But kings, too, can feel free to use them for all of their cigarette rolling needs. When you use one you will feel like royalty: rolling machines will help you evenly spread your tobacco throughout, and once you put in your Randy's King Width Rolling Paper (or your other favorite paper!) you will quickly produce a cigarette fit for a king! Or queen, naturally.

This Rolling Machine can fit papers up to 110mm wide, which means all King Size and smaller papers; though if you want to roll a cigarette smaller than King Size you should use the appropriately sized machine: 70mm or 78mm. Every Randy's Rolling Machine comes packaged with a spare belt for quick replacement to make sure you can keep rolling.

Buy 12 for a Full Display

When you purchase 12 Randy's 110mm Rolling Machines you will receive a display box containing them all.

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