Rastafari Lion Blacklight Poster

By: Black Ball Poster Co.

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  • 23" x 35" vertical wall poster. 
  • Blacklight reactive to reveal new colors. 
  • Velvety, flocked black for high contrast. 

The lion has a big role in the Rastafari lifestyle. Snoop Dogg became Snoop Lion for a while, and Bob Marley is frequently shown symbolically as a lion. Bring that same energy to your home with the Rastafari Lion Blacklight Poster!

Blacklight reactive posters are slightly smaller than traditional sizes; this one is 23" wide by 35" tall. The black areas are flocked, a velvet-smooth material which enhances contrast to help make colors pop. And when blacklight is shone on this poster, new colors explode out of the page to captivate your eyes.

Decorate your home or office with this poster today, to bring the pride of a lion into your life.

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