RAW Artist Series Rolling Tray featuring Jeremy Fish


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The Raw Jeremy Tray, which is part of Raw's Artist Series, features the work of Jeremy Fish in this beautiful tray. His signature style, which consists of a mix of human and animal elements, shines through on this tray which portrays a bunny/human smoking, while wearing a hat portraying hands using rolling paper and tip and finished with a Raw band and a feather in Raw's red, all bordered by retro brown & tan striping. Add personality to your rolls with this limited edition rolling tray today!

Keep everything contained with a nice rolling tray! You don't want your papers or blends to be rolling around loose- keep them close and right where they should be with these high-walled metal rolling trays. Each edge is perfectly curved to ensure that there are no corners or crevices to loose a single speck of material in.

This rolling tray featuring Jeremy Fish's iconic style is available in a Large size, which measures 14" wide, 11.5" long, and 1" deep.