RAW Classic Mini Rolling Tray


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  • Mini tray size, 7.25″ x 5″ x 0.6″. 
  • Thick metal tray with curved edges. 
  • Great, portable size. 

RAW knows what smokers want. Whether you're looking for a daily driver for home or something ultra portable so you can grind and roll on the go, the RAW Classic Mini Rolling Tray is just right for you!

Don't let its name fool you: this "mini" tray is 7.25" wide and 5" deep, so almost the size of a sheet of paper folded in half.

If you enjoy the occasional smoke and love to roll your own, definitely add the RAW Classic Mini Rolling Tray to your arsenal and you won't be disappointed.

Transform this tray into a stash box with a RAW Classic Mini Magnetic Tray Cover!


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Tray Size:
Mini (7.25" x 5")