RAW Classic Large Rolling Tray


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  • Large size tray, 13.5" x 11". 
  • Thick metal construction. 
  • Curved edges so nothing gets trapped. 

You want a tray that just won't quit. One that's large enough for all your supplies yet still portable. It has to be stylish too, of course.

The RAW Classic Large Rolling Tray is one of our best selling rolling trays, and it has good reasons to be! RAW makes all of their trays with a thick metal and rounded edges so no crumbs will get stuck.

This tray measures an impressive 13.5 inches wide by 11 inches deep. That's about the size of a laptop.

Transform this tray into a metal stash box with a Large Magnetic Tray Cover.

Tray Size:
Large (13.5" x 11")