RAW Classic Large Magnetic Tray Cover


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  • Fits Large sized RAW trays, 13.5" x 11". 
  • Compatible Large RAW Rolling Trays. 
  • Fully magnetic for a strong seal. 
  • Turn your rolling tray into a stash container! 
  • Tray not included.

Did you think your RAW Large Rolling Tray was cool enough as-is? Hell no! Take it to the next level with a RAW Classic Large Magnetic Tray Cover!

It's a magnetic lid for your tray, able to seal it tight to make it ultra portable! Just load it up with your herbs and papers and slap the lid on, then you're ready to go.

This cover is sized 13.5" wide by 11" deep, the same size as RAW Large rolling trays.

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*Tray not included.

The RAW Classic Magnetic Tray Cover fits our metal rolling trays and are just so friggin perfect for quickly putting away your materials or for storage. Ding dong, doorbell rings – unexpected guests while you’re rolling up! No problem, just throw on the magnetic cover and everything is away. Many of our friends also use them to keep pet hair off their tray and materials. The magnetic cover is extra thick and can be used as a second rolling surface!


Tray Size:
Large (13.5" x 11")