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  • 7.5" x 10" LED Rolling Tray. 
  • Loaded with features including wireless phone charging and Bluetooth connectivity & control! 
  • Long battery life for rolling with style on-the-go. 
  • Sealed drawer for stashing your supplies. 
  • Removable inlay tray. 

There are plenty of LED rolling trays on the market, but none can match the power of the RAW Power Tray!

This RAW LED Rolling Tray is loaded with features including wireless phone charging and LED color control through a mobile app. But this tray is plenty cool without a phone. It features a 10,000 mAh internal battery to keep the rolling party going all night even when not plugged in, and the LED light colors are controlled with a simple touch on the LED switch. There's even a special sealed drawer to hold your stash, making this the ultimate stash tray.

But when you do have your phone, the RAW Power Tray will come to life! The Power Tray connects to Apple Music to give you a light show while you roll, with lights changing to the beat. And the Power Tray's USB-A slot can be used to charge your phone, as a pen battery charger, and can power other devices.

The RAW Power Tray features a removable plastic tray with RAW's signature rolled edges so no herbs get left behind. Pull it out and roll separately while you use the tray to stash you gear and charge your phone; you have the power to use the RAW Power Tray however you want!

The RAW Power Tray is for sale now at a low price, so grab this RAW glow tray and power up your smoking sessions.

Power your new RAW Power Tray with the RAW Power Tray App, available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store!

Apple App

Google Play App

The RAW Power Tray is the best way to get lit! It has Bluetooth and allows you to change the color to whatever you want with the RAW Power Tray App. The RAW Power Tray also connects to your Apple Music to give you a light show as you roll. The removable hard surface rolling tray makes it easy to get all your crumbs out! With the built in power tray you can POWER UP as you ROLL UP. It has a cool little storage space, that way you’re always ready to roll!!! Bring your rolling game to the NEXT LEVEL!


Operating Instructions

Battery Level Indicators

The battery level is indicated by the number of power indicator lights flashing. If there are four lights flashing together, it means the battery level is between 75% - 100%; if three lights flash together, it is between 50% - 75%; if two lights flash together, the battery level is between 25% - 50%; if there is only one light flashing, the battery level is between 0 - 25%; if only one light or no light flashes, the tray needs to be charged.

  • 0 lights on: immediate charging required. 
  • 1 light on: 0 - 25% of power remaining. 
  • 2 lights on: 25% - 50% of power remaining. 
  • 3 lights on: 50% - 75% of power remaining. 
  • 4 lights on: 75% - 100% of power remaining.

Power indicator lights flash when the tray is switched on to display remaining battery power. While the tray is charging, the lights show the battery charge level.

How To Charge the RAW Power Tray


  • USB-C Charging Cable (Included)

1. Plug USB-C Into the Tray.

Take the included USB-C cable and plug it into the USB-C port on the tray.

2. Plug Into USB Power Outlet.

Connect the other end of the cable into a USB-A power outlet. When the power indicator light (4 lights on the back of the Power Tray) blinks, the tray is being charged.

3. Charge Until Power Indicator Lights are Steady On.

When the four LED power indicator lights are on, the tray is fully charged.

How To Charge Mobile Devices With the RAW Power Tray


  • USB-C Charging Cable (Included).

1. Verify Your Device's Charging Voltage.

Before charging you should check if the charging voltage of your mobile device or other device matches the DC 5V/9V voltage output of the tray.

2. Charging Your Device with a Cable.

Connect your mobile device to the tray with your device's USB charging cable (not included). The device will begin charging automatically.

3. Wireless Charging on the LED Switch.

To charge your mobile device wirelessly, turn on the tray using the power button in the rear and place your device on the wireless charging area (the LED switch) of the tray. The wireless charging will begin automatically.

4. Disconnect Device Once Charging is Complete.

Please disconnect the tray from your mobile device once the device has been charged completely.

  • Disconnect devices if tray battery level is empty.

How To Control the LED Light with your Mobile Phone


  • Mobile Phone (Android or Apple).

1. Download the App.

Download the "RAW POWER TRAY" app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Turn on Tray and Open the App.

Switch on the tray, turn on bluetooth on your mobile device, and open the "RAW POWER TRAY" app.

3. Connect Your Device.

Within the app click the menu on the top-left corner and scan or refresh, then connect the tray to your device.

4. Set Your Tray Color.

Select your own color and brightness settings or use the "Mode" menu to explore over 200 presets!

How To Control the LED Lights By Hand

1. Turn on Tray.

Switch on the tray using the On/Off Switch.

2. Touch LED Switch to Turn Lights On.

Once the blue light stops flashing, tap the LED switch (center of the large color circle on the tray's top left) to turn the light on or off.

3. Touch Color Wheel to Change Light.

Touch the Color Wheel to select the light color.

4. Long Press LED Switch To Activate Auto Mode.

Long touch (2 seconds) the LED Switch to activate auto mode. The LED light will circulate all light colors automatically until another action is performed using the color wheel, the LED switch, or bluetooth device.

5. Settings Will Be Remembered at Next Power-On.

The tray will memorize the last light effect that you selected. The next time you turn on the tray, it will automatically revert to this setting.

RAW Power Tray Safety Tips

Keep Tray Charged

Please check the battery level before use. If the battery level is low it is advised to charge before use.

Disconnect Tray Once Fully Charged

Once the tray is fully charged, disconnect from charger to avoid damage to the tray and battery.

Keep Tray Away from Water

The removable top tray can be cleaned with warm, soapy water. Keep the main tray device dry and away from water or other liquids.

Only Use in Controlled Environments

Do not expose this device to extreme temperatures.

Do Not Disassemble

Do not attempt to open the tray's outer casing as this may damage its internal components.