RAW Flying Disc Rolling Tray


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  • 10.5" Disc
  • Yes, It's a Frisbee!
  • Yes, It's a Rolling Tray!

Play games and have a smoke, all thanks to RAW's innovative Frisbee Rolling Tray! Whether you're at the park with your friends or getting serious in Disc Golf, the Flying Disc Rolling Tray can suit all your needs.

Pioneered by Raw to have a perfectly smooth underside so nothing gets in the way of what you roll, this is both a fully functional frisbee disc and a rolling tray. There's no need to lug around your favorite tray anymore- this will become it!

Here's what Raw has to say about their Flying Disc Rolling Tray:

The RAW Flying Disc Rolling Tray was something that we made for our friends. We were out one afternoon at the Los Olivos disc golf course in Phoenix and needed a rolling tray. Naturally we used our disc which worked BUT it didn’t work well. Stuff was getting stuck on the edges near the rim and I kept scratching my fingers on the center injection-mold point (that raised thing in the center that is sometimes kind of sharp).
So I knew what had to be done… We created this RAW Flying Disc Rolling Tray to have a perfectly smooth inside surface for rolling with no injection point and nothing to mess up an otherwise perfect roll.
I’m sure some of you would prefer that it was a perfectly balanced competition disc, but by changing the insides to make it smooth for rolling it could never be a comp disc anyway. This disc was made for rolling, throwing and having a good time with your friends!