Choosing the Best Oil Vape Pen Battery - FAQ's

Choosing the Best Oil Vape Pen Battery - FAQ's

Posted by Zachary Hinson and Craig Jones on Dec 31, 2018

Pre-filled vape pen cartridges have become so popular that you see people vaping them everywhere. You even see people vaping them in the most unlikely places and times due to their unparalleled convenience and discreteness. With this popularity comes a lot of questions surrounding the use of these things and how to ensure the best vaping experience with cartridges. I am asked some of these questions repeatedly, so I decided to put together a list of these frequently asked questions about  oil vape pen batteries.

Our last article discussed which vape pen batteries and brands are the best and this week we dive even deeper into vape pens. These are really the most critical questions before purchasing a vape pen battery or cartridge battery, so let's get to it.

The first is the most simple and obvious. What are your top recommendations? Quick list. eGo, for high output at low price point. Randy’s Charm for portability and style. Randy's Click for its streamlined modern design. Finally, the Exxus Snap for its ease of use and auto-draw function at a reasonable price.


What does 510 cartridge mean? This is simply a reference to the thread pattern which a cartridge screws into. Unless you got your cartridge from a greedy company who wants you to pay for a proprietary battery, they are a standard 510 and honestly I can count on one hand the companies that use anything other than a 510 thread pattern to make their cartridges.

What is the difference between the vape batteries used for e-cigs, cartridges, and concentrates? The answer is it lies in both the output and design. Batteries used for concentrate pens can be used on cartridges as long as they are a standard 510 thread pattern and not too powerful, while contemporary e-cig batteries (or mods) should never be suggested for a cartridge due to their power, design, and complexity. This doesn't mean it isn't possible, however, it should not be recommended.

My vape pen batteries have always broken in the past. Is there a specific vape pen battery for my cartridges what will be more durable? If you have a habit of going through batteries quickly i always recommend two things, the first being try picking a higher price range, this might seem counterintuitive but the higher price most likely relates to slightly more durable parts. The second thing i recommend is to try a device with a completely different design, this is because the output will be slightly different and may be more suited for your lifestyle.

Do I need different batteries for wax vs oil? – Variable temperature batteries can achieve higher temperatures for thicker oils. Most waxes will need to be liquidized with use of a liquidizer.

What is the mAh and Which mAh do I need and what is the difference in different mAh? Is it for oil vs wax, etc.? This is a scientific reference to the electrical output of a battery over time. Essentially this is a measurement of how long a battery will last based on the amount of output it gives. It is often boasted by companies that they have a high mAh but in all honesty this is so heavily influenced by various outside sources such as the type of cartridge you use, whether or not the battery has and adjustable wattage, or various other features that most contemporary batteries average out to a similar mAh over time unless you are using a very large batter such as a mod.5

What is the difference between the ones with a button and the ones without a button? Do they both work for oil cartridges? The difference is the autodraw feature. It is hard to say that one is better than another because autodraw batteries tend to be less powerful but more accessible to new vapers. They do both work for cartridges but which you prefer will only be answered by trying both. It is worth noting, however, that batteries with buttons come in slightly larger sizes sometimes for a longer battery life.

How do I avoid my cartridges burning and darkening in color? This is actually due to the quality of your cartridge or your battery running too hot. However, there are some things you can do to prolong the life of a cartridge, including, avoiding direct sun, storing it in a cool dry place, and not reusing cartridges for more than one fill.

These are the large majority of the frequently asked questions. Many people have wondered about these things ever since pre-filled cartridges came on the scene, and I hope this helps to answer some of the important questions. If you have further questions, feel free visit us at to contact us or stop into any one of our 13 store locations and ask any one of our professionals.

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