How to Use a Dab Rig Properly: Instructions for Best Dabs

How to Use a Dab Rig Properly: Instructions for Best Dabs

Posted by Craig Jones on Oct 15, 2019

As one of the largest smoke shops in the country, we field a lot of questions everyday. Since you all are clearly interested in the dab life, we decided to dive deeper into dab related topics. So today we decided to address one of our most asked questions: how to use a dab rig properly?

In order to do dabs you will need a number of smoking supplies. You will need a dab rig, a banger (preferably a quartz banger) or nail, a carb cap, and a torch. Keep in mind, better quality dab supplies will ensure a much better dabbing experience. For a full list of dab supplies, see our previous Dab Checklist article. Once you have all these items you will be well on your way to dabbing like a pro. Just follow these steps below and you will have the best experience possible. 

First step is one that is very important for health as well as taking a delicious and proper dab. Make sure that the quartz banger is completely clean. Check out our previous blog for tips on cleaning your banger. Once you assure that your banger is clean, you must begin to heat the banger with your butane torch.

When you heat the banger you will make sure to carefully apply heat from all sides to get the banger evenly heated. You will want to heat the banger much hotter than the temperature that you will ultimately place the dab into and take your hit. It is best to heat the banger for the same amount of time each time, that way you have a proper system and can get the exact flavor you want every time.

Once the banger is heated, you will wait until it cools down to the the heat that you want. You will likely want your banger heated to between 450 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that lower temperature dabs will preserve the delicious terpenes and provide a much more flavorful, tasty dab. A higher temperature will provide a much larger, thicker cloud but also a harsher hit.

When the banger reaches your desired temperature you will use your dab tool or dabber to place your dab into the banger. I prefer to place the dab on the side of the banger and let it melt down to the bottom. I do it like that so that the dab doesn't rest upon the the hot surface and instead falls to the bottom more slowly.

At this point, you should place your carb cap on the top of the banger. I prefer to use a bubble carb cap, because it allows to more flexibility to reach the dab puddle no matter where it is in the banger. You can also use a trunk carb cap, but what is most important is that you use a carb cap.

The carb cap lowers the atmospheric pressure in the banger and allows the dab to vaporize more fully and at a lower temperature. This is a basic concept of the law of vaporization.

With the carb cap applied you will use it to move the dab around the banger in a methodical circular manner. This will introduce the dab to the hot surface of the banger applying oxygen while keeping the atmospheric pressure low. Continue to do this until the golden dab gets darker and darker. Most connoisseurs will prefer to hit it until the dab is dark, but before the dab is totally black. If the dab chars then you know you have either taken the dab at too high of a temperature or that you have swirled it too long. Keep in mind that you can always do a reheat, but you can never go back and take the dab at a lower temperature.

If the dab was not fully vaporized you can reheat the banger. When you reheat, it is best to heat it evenly and not to make it too hot in any one spot. Remember all the same concepts and rules apply to the reheat that apply to the initial dab.

Once you finish the dab you will allow the banger to cool down a bit. Once the banger cools down but before it has cooled off all the way, you will use a natural cotton swab to wipe out the excess oil. You will eventually apply a bit of alcohol before the banger is all the way cool and continue to swab the banger until fully cleaned. You can also sort of combine those steps, as I do, but remember that alcohol at high temperatures can be a bit dangerous and ignite. If it ignites, you are likely cleaning your banger at too high of a temperature. It’s good to get it clean, but always remember safety first.

If you have any questions or want to know the best place to buy a dab rig and any dabbing supplies, you can reach out to us at, on our Instagram or at one of our 13 retail stores. Happy dabbing.

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