How to Clean Your Banger for the Perfect Hit

How to Clean Your Banger for the Perfect Hit

Posted by Zachary Hinson and Craig Jones on Aug 10, 2018

Quartz bangers have become an essential tool for vaporizing concentrates, as they have virtually replaced every other type of nail. For many people who love to enjoy the true flavor of their favorite concentrates when dabbing, it has become extremely important to keep that banger clean. The first thing to know when considering the best method for keeping your banger clean, is how to avoid the dreaded black char that can remain after taking high temperature dabs. Even though both low and high temp dabs require the user to clean the banger, low temperature hits are less likely to burn onto the banger and cause a hard to remove film. While low temperature dabs are most commonly preferred, many people still like to take high temperature dabs to achieve a thicker, larger hit and avoid waste. Anyone who takes high temp dabs is familiar with the fact that it is very difficult to keep their banger clean.

The next important thing to consider is cleaning your banger after every hit. Q-tips are the current preferred method for cleaning a banger as they are small, affordable, and extremely effective at removing remaining liquid and stubborn burnt concentrates. However, not every Q-tip is ideal, as many are coated with chemicals in order to prevent them from get moldy over time. This means that Q-tips made specifically for cleaning bangers are ideal as they are not treated with excess chemicals. The best ones are made with small wooden posts such as I-tal Q-tips.

More stubborn stains require a cleaning solution in addition to the Q-tip. There are two main types of cleaning solutions, they are called shakers and soakers. When cleaning a banger it is best to use a soaker as it will not contain a scrubbing salt. Randy's Orange label, Grunge Off, and Formula 710 or 420 soaking solutions will all work very well, but Grunge Off is currently my favorite.

When cleaning with a soaking solution it is important the banger is still warm but not hot, just like when using a Q-tip by itself. First, pour the cleaning solution into the banger or get the Q-tip wet with the cleaning solution. Then scrub the warm banger with the wet Q-tip. This should properly clean the banger. If the stain is a more serious hard to remove char or burn, you may need to repeat the process. After this, if a stain still remains, you may need to soak longer or remove it by heating the banger to a very high temperature with a torch. Typically once a banger has been cleaned and torched to the point that it turns red, the black char will just begin to burn off leaving a clear, clean quartz banger.

Even if all stains are removed by the cleaning solution, make sure to reheat the banger after cleaning to get rid of any excess cleaning solution. This can be very important depending on the particular cleaning solution used. You do not want to ingest any vaporized cleaning solution but you definitely want to avoid any potentially harmful chemicals. This method for cleaning and preserving your banger should lead to more flavorful hits and safer, healthier dabs.

This article should serve as a good guide to help you learn how to properly clean your banger with the ideal products to achieve the cleanest, tastiest dabs. If you would like any more help understanding how to clean your banger or any other dabbing accessories properly, you can live chat with us online at or come into any one of our 13 Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff retail locations. We can help you find and maintain all of your pipes, rigs and accessories for optimal performance.

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