Quartz Insert for Bangers: Your Best Friend for Perfect Dabs

Quartz Insert for Bangers: Your Best Friend for Perfect Dabs

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Aug 01, 2018

Low-temperature dabs have become an essential cornerstone in the concentrates smoking community. This is because the flavor is preserved at lower temperatures. So much of the innovation around bangers has been focused on achieving efficient vaporization that provides a terpene-rich flavor profile. Traditional nails and bangers relied on conduction to dab wax concentrates. However, as bangers evolve to more conveniently enable lower temperature dabs, convection is replacing conduction. The quartz insert for bangers, or quartz dish, has become the ultimate convection dabbing accessory.

Many new types of bangers still rely on conduction because it is much easier to engineer, manufacture and accomplish. Conduction is simply touching the concentrates to the surface that has been heated directly. Convection, which is the method preferred by most connoisseurs means that the concentrates are being vaporized without touching the surface that has been heated directly.

The first major sign that vaporizing concentrates was beginning to lean heavily in this direction was thermal bangers. This was essentially a double-walled banger that allowed for longer heat retention vaporization through convection instead of conduction. Conduction can definitely accomplish all-around lower temperatures and thus more flavorful dabs. Due to this advancement, the types of bangers being constructed changed significantly. They are now focused on lower temperature hits and relying on convection currents instead of conduction. As we have discussed in prior articles, most terpenes vaporize between 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a much lower vaporization temperature point than most of the other active chemical components.

Thermal bangers were a good first step in the direction towards pure convection. However, there were still improvements to be made. Most thermal bangers that I have seen are made with what looks like either one layer of glass at the bottom or two thin adjacent layers. The next evolution and a large step further into convection is the quartz insert for bangers or quartz insert.

Quartz inserts are sometimes sold separately but are also sold with gavel-style bangers. They are a simple accessory that is very simple to use. The quartz insert for bangers is first pre-loaded with concentrates and then dropped into a preheated banger. It is essentially just a small cup insert that can be dropped conveniently inside a standard banger. Eternal Quartz is the original inventor of the quartz insert for bangers and developed the insert drop technique. Now even the quartz insert is evolving with current iterations like the opaque bottom insert, which imitates the concept of nucleated bangers. Shout out to Highly Educated for inventing and laying the foundation for the nucleated banger!

The idea for the cup insert is a very simple idea, however, the reasoning behind it is perfect for vaporizing concentrates. Not only does the cup allow for better convection vaporization, it keeps your banger clean. This means that the flavor will be superior from your concentrates due to both cleaner vaporization and a cleaner banger.  More advancements will surely be made soon, considering the success of these types of low temp dabbing accessories. You can check it out for yourself and determine your favorite low-temperature banger setup. We have several options and can help you find the best banger for your needs.

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