Thermochromic Bangers - Best Banger for Temperature Control

Thermochromic Bangers - Best Banger for Temperature Control

Posted by Zachary Hinson on Aug 01, 2018

Everyone wants lower temperature concentrates dabs for the distinctively better flavor and smoothness. Many people also like to occasionally increase the temperature and take larger hits. This naturally has led to a need for better understand and control the temperature at which you are taking your hits. Thermochromic bangers are the coolest and easiest way to gauge your banger temperature without using an additional tool.

To determine the precise temperature of the dab surface, many people use an infrared thermometer gun. These are somewhat bulky but extremely accurate temperature readers that allow the user to know the exact temperature at which they are vaporizing their concentrates. While this method is very successful, not everyone wants to add another tool to the already extensive amount of tools the concentrate vaper typically uses. The answer to this was to create a banger that can tell you the temperature of your dab.

Temperature control has led to thermochromic bangers, which somewhat resembles a thermal banger. The difference is there is what appears to be yellow sand in between the bottom walls. This is actually color changing frit, a material commonly used in glass blowing. The thermochromic frit consistently turns the same colors at specific temperatures and allows the user to tell the temperature range of each dab.

The thermochromic frit on the inside shifts in a gradient between three different colors. The first color is yellow, the second orange, and the third is red. Yellow is too cool to take a hit while red is too hot. The best time to take your hit is either orange or orange shifting to yellow. This essentially eliminates the need for an outside tool. The ability to conveniently measure banger temperature allowed the Thermochromic Banger by Whitney Harmon Glass to win number seven in  High Times Best Bangers of 2017.

The color changing frit isn't the only bonus to using this banger. With having two distinct walls, this banger provides true convection vaporization. There is less chance of combustion, which means healthier, more flavorful dabs. People continue to develop and innovate all of the accessories used for dabbing and vaporizing concentrates. Advancements in technology stem from the growing knowledge we have about vaporization and increasingly allow us to do it more safely and efficiently.

The initial methods of vaporization were all based on conduction. This means that originally we were touching the material directly to the surface which was heated. While that may be healthier than flat out combustion smoking, it is not the absolute healthiest method of consumption. In order to create an even healthier experience, convection and low temperatures were explored with products like thermal bangers. This has made double-walled bangers and other bangers that lend themselves to lower temperatures, extremely popular.

Thermochromic bangers allow both great temperature control and convection as a natural progression into healthier consumption. It allows you to know the temperature without the use of extra tools and enjoy a double walled banger that allows for a more gentle heating process. This will allow for a nice, smooth, and flavorful low temperature hit. While the thermochromic banger may not have enough distinct colors across the gradient to provide the most precise temperature, it is far more convenient than the alternatives. This is another cool innovation that provides a better dabbing experience.

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