Why All the Best Dab Rigs Have Recyclers

Why All the Best Dab Rigs Have Recyclers

Posted by Craig Jones on Mar 01, 2021

The evolution of the dab rig has taken some interesting twists and turns as dabbers have discovered various ways to better taste the flavor of their dabs. The majority of these developments have been toward cooling and filtering while minimizing the introduction of air into the vapor. The recycler has become the gold standard. So we will discuss why all the best dab rigs have recyclers and how they work.

The main purpose of a recycler is to cool and filter the vapor or smoke. It does that by running the smoke down a downstem like any other pipe. But after filtering into the water in the bottom chamber, as the smoke rises into the chamber, it is then “washed” by water that is sent by an uptake recycler and another tube that drains back to the bottom chamber.

Diamond Glass Mini Recycler

It is ok for the downstem to have a bit of diffusion or a small perc, but typically it should have a very simple perc or no diffuser at all. The best dab rigs tend to have recyclers as opposed to multiple percolators like a bong for dry herb or flower. Excessive use of percolators, or percs, introduce too much air and ruin the flavor. It will also remove too much oil from the vapor thereby wasting the precious dabs. For these reasons, when it comes to dabs the recycler dab rig reigns supreme.

The most commonly used design is a Klein Recycler which snakes around the outside of the pipe connecting the first and second chambers. Recyclers improve the quality of the user’s hit by taking the smoke through the second chamber where it passes through the water, to clean the hit and provide additional filtration with limited diffusion.

   Klein, Dual Uptake and More Recyclers

Functional glass art design is not generally protected by Intellectual Properties law, but the Klein Recycler that connects the chambers may have originally been designed by Quave Glass. Although, each advancement in glass design comes from prior similar technology. In fact, other sources cite other original designers of the recycler.

Recently, I have personally been using a dual uptake recycler. It is a variation on the original recycler, but instead of one recycler taking water up to the second chamber it has two. This perhaps makes it more efficient with less drag. There are also incyclers that contain the recycler within the pipe.

Recyclers and Incyclers

Dab rigs can have more and more recyclers without limit. However, with glass I often find that unless you use good brands or quality blowers, less is more and simpler is better. This is for long term durability, ease of cleaning, and sometimes functionality.

My biggest dabbing hash snob friend only uses and accepts the simplest little recycler dab rig. He believes any more complexity will adulterate the delicious flavor. To each his own!

The other major objective that has guided the trends in dabbing has been lower temperature dabs. This is done with the banger. You can learn all about choosing a banger from our previous blog. Or you can grab my favorite style of banger, the splash guard banger. I appreciate the advantages of the splash guard banger so much that I devoted an entire previous blog to why the splash guard banger is the best banger.

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This blog should help you to understand why all the best dab rigs have recyclers an how they work to give you a better hit. Recycler dab rigs are definitely best way to dab concentrates. At Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, we have a great selection of dab rigs, including recyclers, as well as more simple banger hangers. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our website, Instagram or at one of our 12 retail stores.

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