Why a Splash Guard Banger is the Best Banger for Dabbing

Why a Splash Guard Banger is the Best Banger for Dabbing

Posted by Craig Jones on Dec 21, 2020

One of the things I love about dabbing is that I am constantly learning ways to improve my overall dabbing experience. Whether it be a new innovation or even just a common realization about what works best when I dab, it can really help a lot. Well, this time I found a great banger design that will save you money on dabs and keep you from having to clean your dab rig so often. The splash guard banger is the best banger for dabbing and just provides a better experience.

In a world of many options, my favorite style of banger has become the hourglass shaped splash guard banger. I came to discover this through trial and error. Before finding the splash guard, I always had a problem with the oil traveling up the banger and getting slurped back into the tube of the banger and down the joint and into the water of my dab rig.

How a splashguard banger prevents slurp back and saves wasted dabs

I could see that I was wasting a lot of money on lost concentrates and it was a pain always having to clean the rig so often. The first solution I tried was buying a reclaim catch or reclaimer. However, I didn’t love this new clumsy attachment separating me from my dabs. The taste of my dabs when the vapor goes through that dirty reclaimer and that reclaimed dabs is gross. This problem was quickly solved when I accidentally broke it after a few weeks due to its lack of durability and awkward design.

I then proceeded to try a series of other bangers that I thought might help keep the concentrates in the bottom of the banger. I tried a banger with reactor core, but they are impossible to keep clean around that core. I tried a thermal banger but the oil traveled up the internal cup and wound up getting charred in the outer cup.

Nothing worked for me, but I was enjoying the process of dabbing to find the solution. Searching for that perfect dab…

One day I came across one of these splash guard bangers, and it really made sense to me. The oil is unable to travel up the banger as easily due to the shape. Whenever heat drives the oil up the walls, gravity pulls it back down. It sounds like a small deviation from the typical design, but it makes all the difference in the world. No trail of expensive wasted waxy, oily reclaim running from the banger down the joint down into the water. 

Thick 14mm Male Splash Guard Banger

I quickly found that I was getting to take larger hits from the same size dab, since it would all stay at the bottom of the banger. I could actually hit it harder without slurp back too! I also noticed that even though I was dabbing JUST AS MUCH (and maybe even more hehehehehe) as before, I didn’t have to clean oil out of the dab rig as often. The water in my dab rig now stays relatively clean, because of the splash guard.

I find that it really saves me money on dabs, as well as on cleaning solutions, like alcohol and Formula 710. This type of banger isn't even more expensive than most normal bangers. This is just a minor design improvement that really goes a long way.

Of course, the quality of a banger is also an important factor for your dabbing experience. Although, whether you are using an expensive banger or a cheap one, the hourglass shape of the splash guard will accomplish these objectives better than other styles. 

I personally upgraded to a higher quality American-made banger, due to the far superior open airflow of the American style versus the more constricted cheap bangers. The spot where the bucket or gavel is welded to the tube can be very small for the non-American bangers and that can really hold you back when you are trying to get a good hit and it can totally overwork your lungs. If you have a good pipe and great dabs, never neglect having a good banger.

This blog discusses why I believe the splash guard banger is the best banger for dabbing. Further, I tried to illustrate the natural path I took from banger to banger trying different styles to come to this conclusion. Of course this is my opinion and you are welcome to take the journey of trial and error for yourself. 

At Waterbeds 'n' Stuff, we have quartz splash guard bangers and plenty of other styles so that you can find the type of banger that is perfect for you. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our website, Instagram or at one of our 12 retail stores.

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