Chameleon Glass Calamari Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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  1. 5" long glass hand pipe. 
  2. Unique tentacle shaped spoon pipe. 
  3. Available in assorted colors. 

This unique hand pipe is crafted by hand by Chameleon Glass in the USA, formed from a opaque glass body with translucent green suckers. The neck of the pipe snakes along, prolonging its chamber while keeping the length of the pipe around 5".

This piece will certainly stand out in any collection. This unique hand pipe can be yours, and you found it at the lowest price online right here!

The Calamari Glass Pipe is reaching out to you with its octo tentacles…well, more specifically, your wallet! Its sticky suction cups are on the back of your chair right now!!! Don’t worry though, it’s friendly, it just wants to tell you to order now so it can come home and share a bowl with you, and let me tell you, this sea faring friend gets all the dank kelp the ocean has to offer, he’s really… connected.

Chameleon Glass