Chameleon Glass Festivarian Pipe

By: Chameleon Glass

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Fully Festive Piece

  • 3.25" Long
  • Translucent Glass decorated with Swirls and Dots
  • Hand Made in America

Covered with polka dots and wavy ribbon, Chameleon Glass's Festivarian Pipe will make you feel like you're back at some of the best festivals you've attended! From Woodstock to Burning Man, to late evenings in the back yard around a fire pit, no party is complete without a cool pipe from Chameleon Glass. Festivarian Pipes are brightly colored and just as fun to share as they are to see.

From Chameleon Glass:

The Festivarian Glass Pipe is a nod to all the pieces I have run into while out festivating at open air concerts. I was first introduced to the term at Telluride BlueGrass in 2004, where I was invited to be part of the sustainable festivation team (also known as the people who crawl around in the garbage picking out the recyclables). Not a super awesome job, but, free tickets are free tickets and it’s for a great cause. We all had a piece, and we baked hard to make things a little better while sifting the containers. The Festivarian Glass Pipe is a little bit of every piece I puffed on that week.

Available in Assorted Colors

Festivarian Pipes are available in an assortment of colors including Blue, Green, and even Color Changing Fumed Glass. You can request a preferred color at checkout using Order Notes, but, because we receive these pipes in an assortment, we cannot guarantee you preferred color will be in stock. If that happens to be the case, we will let you know the color options we have available before completing your order.

Also, the accent colors of the dots and ribbons vary wildly from one pipe to the other, between yellow, red, green, and more.

Hand Made in the USA

Chameleon Glass is located in the heart of California, USA, and each of their pieces is made by the hands of skilled artisans. Because they're each made individually, the size and design may differ slightly from the ones pictured above. Before any glass leaves Chameleon Glass's workshop, however, it is closely inspected for any imperfection, so you know you're only getting the best!