Dopezilla 8" Cyclops Bong

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Simplicity Meets Power

  • 8.5" Tall
  • Straight Tube Bong
  • Bullet-Hole Ice Pinch
  • Includes 4" Downstem and 14mm Bowl
  • Colored Accents

Gaze down the top of this bong to find a Cyclops' eye peering back at you! Inspired by the one-eyed monsters of Grecian lore, the highlight of The Cyclops' design is its bullet-hole ice pinch which looks like a large, gaping eye.

The Cyclops bong joins the ranks of Dopezilla's other myth-themed water pipes Cerberus and Chimera, but stands apart with its clean, simple design.

This is a straight tube with only a single bullet-hole ice pinch, allowing you to have minimally-filtered, maximum-taste, chilled draws every time. The only percolation that happens is through the diffused downstem.

The Cyclops straight tube comes complete with a 4" downstem and a male 14mm herb bowl with handle. The handle not only makes it easy to lift the bowl, without the risk of burning your fingers, but it doubles as a roll stopper as well.

Replacement Parts

We want to help you get the most from your pipes! If you are looking for some replacement pieces for this piece, don't worry: we have a large selection of comparable parts to replace anything broken or lost. Check these products out:

Available in Assorted Colors

The Cyclops Straight Bong is available in assorted colors, such as Yellow or Black, as pictured above. You can request a specific color at checkout using Order Notes, but we cannot guarantee that your selected color will be in stock. If that's the case we will reach out to you with our available colors and let you choose another to fill your order.

From the Box

Where simplicity meets power, Cyclops delivers massive hits in a sleek yet sturdy package. Features a bullet hole ice catcher, reminiscent of a Cyclop's single eye, a slitted removable downstem, and thick borosilicate glass.
8 in. model - bullet hole ice catcher, removable slitted downstem, herb bowl.

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