Dopezilla 8" Cyclops Bong, Black

By: Dopezilla

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  • 8" tall straight bong. 
  • Bullet-Hole ice pinch. 
  • Includes 3" Downstem and 14mm Bowl
  • Colored Accents

Gaze down the top of this bong to find a Cyclops' eye peering back at you! Inspired by the one-eyed monsters of Grecian lore, the highlight of The Cyclops' design is its bullet-hole ice pinch which looks like a large, gaping eye.

The Cyclops bong joins the ranks of Dopezilla's other myth-themed water pipes Cerberus and Chimera, but stands apart with its clean, simple design.

This is a straight tube with only a single bullet-hole ice pinch, allowing you to have minimally-filtered, maximum-taste, chilled draws every time. The only percolation that happens is through the diffused downstem.

The Cyclops straight tube comes complete with a 3" downstem and a male 14mm herb bowl with handle. The handle not only makes it easy to lift the bowl, without the risk of burning your fingers, but it doubles as a roll stopper as well.

Colored Accents

The Cyclops Straight Bong is available in Milky Yellow or Black (Black pictured above). The color is worked into the base, mouthpiece, logo, and the included dry herb bowl. Use the Color option to pick your favorite.

Included Parts

What comes with a Dopezilla Cyclops?

Every Dopezilla Cyclops comes with a 4” Diffusing Downstem and a 14mm Dry Herb Bowl. The bowl is colored to match the Cyclops, so a Black Cyclops will have a black bowl while a Milky Yellow Cyclops will have a yellow bowl.

Make it a Rig

Can I use a Dopezilla Cyclops to Dab?

With its minimal percolation, the Dopezilla Cyclops would be great for enjoying concentrates! However, the Dopezilla Cyclops only comes with a dry herb bowl. In order to use a Cyclops for dabs you will need a banger that fits. A 14mm Male, 45° angled Quartz Banger will be the perfect pairing for a Dopezilla Cyclops.

Available in a Larger 12" Size

Do you desire more than just an 8" ice bong? If you like the design of the Cyclops but want something larger, we carry a taller 12" Cyclops Bong just for you! The only difference between these two is the length of the neck; the 12" version boasts a longer neck for more ice capacity and greater cooling.

A Word from Dopezilla

Where simplicity meets power, Cyclops delivers massive hits in a sleek yet sturdy package. Features a bullet hole ice catcher, reminiscent of a Cyclop's single eye, a slitted removable downstem, and thick borosilicate glass.

8 in. model - bullet hole ice catcher, removable slitted downstem, herb bowl.

Borosilicate Glass
Body Shape:
Straight Cylinder
Perc Style:
- None -
Joint Size:
14mm (with Downstem)
Downstem Length:
Ice Pinch
Monster Collection

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  • 5
    8 " dopezilla cyclops

    Posted by Joe on Oct 31, 2021

    Great piece, nice rips holds plenty of ice for big cool smooth hits. The service was excellent so were the prices and shipping was very fast I'll definitely be buying from again, very happy customer!!!

  • 5
    Small and simple

    Posted by Amber Rider on Jun 26, 2021

    We previously bought a larger Dopezilla bong that we loved but it fell and broke to no repair so we went shorter this time around and it's perfect. The design is simple but super functional and easy to get sparkling clean.

  • 5
    Very Happy

    Posted by Anonymous on Jun 09, 2021

    I'm so happy about my purchase and service! I will definitely be purchasing from them again.

  • 5

    Posted by goosey on Dec 03, 2020

    I bought the milky yellow bong and a cup bowl and I just have to say, PERFECT match up for mini solo seshing, the rips are smooth as butter, and I love the yellow color (although my bowl is a bit dingy colored like the other reviewer complained about, but that doesn't bother me tbh!) I also really like the thickness of the glass, and the reinforced downstem joint is reassuring too, I feel confident that it's gonna last. the bowl does stick tho, I wish y'all had glass clips to keep my downstem in place, but the Grav cup bowl is perfect! slides in and out without snagging at all, match made in heaven

  • 3
    8" Cyclops Bong Order

    Posted by Erin on Apr 15, 2020

    The piece works, but kind of bummed since I was unaware you had to pick a color or choose "no preference." I assumed I was getting the black one bc I didn't see that the site automatically selects "no preference" when purchasing and was unaware I had an option. I found this out when I received my bong and it was a terribly UGLY ugly dingey color called "milky yellow" instead of black. The ice chamber is a tad too small for a normal ice cube so you really have to work if you want to out ice in the chamber. The bowl gets stuck on the stem while your taking a hit and really have shimmy-twist while pulling to get it out of the stem. Also, the hole in the bowl is a bit too large and cashes a lot of your cannabis (or tobacco) before it's complete smoked and you end up wasting precious greenage. Bowl is functional, but could use some detailed touch-ups.