Dopezilla 8" Chimera Bong

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A Water Pipe of Mythic Proportions

  • 8.5" Tall
  • Beaker Base
  • Bullet-Hole Ice Pinch
  • Colored Accents

A new addition to the lineup of Dopezilla's mythical-themed water pipes, the Chimera joins the ranks of the Cerberus and Cyclops to offer you clean hits through a clean piece.

Dopezilla's Chimera is handcrafted from borosilicate glass with colored accents and logo. This is a very basic bong offering little in the way of percolation so nothing gets between you and the flavor of your favorite herbs. The diffusing downstem is the only percolation this pipe offers; the only other feature it boasts is a bullet-hole ice pinch, a thick ring of glass at the top of its beaker base which can hold about 3.5" of ice to help cool your flavorful smoke.

This ice bong is easy to clean and maintain and comes ready to smoke right out of its cool gift box, including both a diffusing downstem and a dry herb bowl colored to match the pipe's accents.

So if you are on the lookout for a solid and unique beaker ice bong to add to your glass collection, you have found your perfect match!

Replacement Parts

We love your glass just as much as you do. That's why we try to keep everything on hand for you to enjoy your pieces if something goes wrong (or missing). The Chimera bong comes with a 4.5" 14mm to 19mm Downstem and a 14mm Dry Herb Bowl. Although we can't offer exact replacements, we carry a great selection of comparable parts to get you back up and running. Check them out:

Available in Assorted Colors

The 8" Chimera Beaker Bong is available in a small assortment of colors including Pink and Black, as pictured above. You can request a specific color at checkout using Order Notes, but we cannot guarantee that your selected color will be in stock. If that's the case we will reach out to you with our available colors and let you choose another to fill your order.

From the Box

The fire breathing beast with the head of a lion and the tail of a snake, The Chimera features thick borosilicate glass, a blullet hole ice catcher, and removable slitted downstem, providing massive hits in a versatile package.
8in. model - bullet hole ice catcher, removable slitted downstem, herb bowl.

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