Dopezilla 12" Chimera Bong, Mint Green

By: Dopezilla

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  • 12.5" Tall
  • Beaker Base
  • Bullet-Hole Ice Pinch
  • Includes 3.5" Downstem & Bowl
  • Colored Accents

A new addition to the lineup of Dopezilla's mythical-themed water pipes, the Chimera joins the ranks of the Cerberus and Cyclops to offer you clean hits through a clean piece.

Dopezilla's Chimera is handcrafted from borosilicate glass with colored accents and logo. This is a very basic bong offering little in the way of percolation so nothing gets between you and the flavor of your favorite herbs. The diffusing downstem is the only percolation this pipe offers; the only other feature it boasts is a bullet-hole ice pinch, a thick ring of glass at the top of its beaker base which can hold about 3.5" of ice to help cool your flavorful smoke.

This ice bong is easy to clean and maintain and comes ready to smoke right out of its cool gift box, including both a 3.5" diffusing downstem and a dry herb bowl colored to match the pipe's accents.

So if you are on the lookout for a solid and unique beaker ice bong to add to your glass collection, you have found your perfect match!

Colored Accents

Included Parts

Make it a Rig

Smaller Size Available

A Word from Dopezilla

The fire breathing beast with the head of a lion and the tail of a snake, The Chimera features thick borosilicate glass, a blullet hole ice catcher, and removable slitted downstem, providing massive hits in a versatile package.

12in. model - bullet hole ice catcher, removable slitted downstem, herb bowl.

Borosilicate Glass
Body Shape:
Perc Style:
- None -
Mint Green
Joint Size:
14mm (with Downstem)
Downstem Length:
Ice Pinch
Monster Collection

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  • 5
    Bong review

    Posted by Ed on Dec 29, 2022

    Quality product. Best price!!

  • 5
    Awesome bong

    Posted by Spliffguy420 on Dec 27, 2022

    One of the best quality I’ve ever purchased, beautiful colors and clean design

  • 5

    Posted by Bong Dude on Dec 22, 2022

    Incredible piece especially for the price! Highly recommend

  • 4

    Posted by kyle marburger on Nov 30, 2022

    good for the price but the bowlpiece just kinda sucks. the bucket shape doesnt allow all ur bud to burn at the bottom of the bowl. Im bought a different bowl on amazon today. great fricken bong for the price tho. i love this site

  • 5
    Nice bong

    Posted by FS on Nov 01, 2022

    This is a really nice bong especially for the money. Big enough for good sized rips but still “small” enough to be a daily driver. The issue with the neck not being wide enough for regular sized ice cubes is real but crushed ice works fine. I have used it with just cold water and it hits nice and smooth because beaker bongs like this still holds a lot of water Take a half star off if you don’t have access to crushed ice.

  • 4
    Good bong

    Posted by Diamante on Nov 01, 2022

    Good bong overall, very sturdy only bad thing it is hard to fit ice cubes into

  • 5

    Posted by Ellen Waite on Oct 30, 2022

    Beautiful and strong glass

  • 4
    Dopezilla Chimera

    Posted by MC on Aug 15, 2022

    Overall I lke this bong. It draws smooth and just the right volume for me. My only issue is that the downtube and mouthpiece are too narrow to actually get ice into the downtube.. could fashion a screen for the lower tube and use crushed ice. A good value in my opinion.

  • 5
    Update to last review about upgrading the downstem to 4in

    Posted by Brad Howard on Mar 04, 2022

    I already wrote a book about why you should buy this bong and that has not canghed so i will only foucs on the upgrade i bought a 4in 19mm to 14mm glass on glass downstem right here at waterbeds n stuff .Com anyway that one the one thing i thought could improve the function and form factor of this bong was including a 4in downstem instead of the 3.5 in they include and i know ppl are going to say at this point if the bong came with a 3.5 in downstem that its probably the correct size for the bong i took a chance and went ahead and bought a separate 4in downstem here from waterbeds n stuff and wow was i correct that it needed a longer downstem. You would think a half an inch would be so trivial that it wouldnt matter but take it from me ive bought ang reviewed this bond and its my daily driver honestly id call her my bottom bitch its such a damn good bang and a 4in downstem absolutely completes the entire piece thats the only upgrade it truly needs the slid is great the ice pinch works excellent and the mouthpiece is super cofterable. If you buy this bong do yourself a favor buy a 4in downstem with it you will get free priority shipping that way and dont end up buying them in two separate orders cuz then you will pay shipping on the downstem ive lad out a perfect map to fallow in reguards to this bong and the short and sweet answer is buy this bong and a 4in downstem you will fall in love from there!